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What is an AD member account?
Last Updated 3 years ago

An AD member account (m-account) is an account that can be used to use a lot of different services. For most active GEWIS members, this will be the only account you use to access all of these:

Who is issued a member account?

If you need to use one of the services above and are a GEWIS member, you will most likely be issued a member account. If one or more of the following cases applies to you, you can request an account:

  • (Candidate) Board members
    Members of the current board and the upcoming board
  • Members of a committee
    Members that are in one or more committees
  • Active fraternity members
    Members that are in one or more fraternities in which their membership is considered active by the board

  • Members of a GMM task force
    Members that are in one or more GMM task forces
  • Members of the advisory council
  • Members of the financial audit committee
    Members that are in one or more financial audit committees
  • Graduates and members that have been issued a lifetime mailbox (e.g. honorary members, some CBC members)
    In the past, some members have been issued lifetime mailboxes. These privileges are grandfathered and users of these mailboxes have been issued lifetime member accounts
  • Former board members
    Former board members that still use GEWIS services can keep using their account. These accounts can be renewed yearly if the account is still used.
  • Keyholders
    Keyholders regularly use the GEWIS computers and have permissions to sign out other users from physical computers
  • Exceptions made by the board
    Other members for which an exception has been made by the board. These accounts can be renewed yearly if the account is still used.

What happens if I no longer qualify for an account?

As soon as you are no longer eligible for an m-account, your account will be deactivated. Depending on your previous permissions, you can still use your account for up to 3 months.

After your account has been deactivated, your previous mail contents will be kept for another 6 months. The same holds for the files stored in your personal Home directory of the GEWIS computers. Files you stored in a share (e.g. a committee folder) will not be affected by your account being disabled.

Will I keep my email address for life?

Each year a lot of members become active at GEWIS. On the other side, a lot of members stop being active by GEWIS. To prevent cluttering the system with old accounts, it was decided to not let members keep their account after they are no longer involved in GEWIS.
(This does not apply to you if you were issued a lifetime inbox before the policy changed in 2020)

I forgot my password

If you want to reset your password, the easiest thing to do is to visit the GEWIS room. A board member of CBC member will be able to reset your password using these instructions.

I am (no longer) a member of a committee

If you have recently become a member of an organ, but this has not been processed yet, someone needs to update your membership. Instructions for this can be found here.
Please note: the CBC will not update your membership before the decision has been published on If the decision is not published yet, ask your chair or a board member to update the active directory.

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