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[ADMIN] How do I add or remove a member of an organ?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Please note that these instructions can be done by any of the following people

  • CBC members: All organs
  • Board members: All organs
  • Chair of an organ: Organs of which they are the chair

Sometimes you want to revoke or add permissions that are created based on organ membership. To make this process quicker for organs, the chair of an organ is able to do this without any help from the CBC or the board.

  1. Sign in to a GEWIS computer (physically or remotely)
  2. Open Windows Explorer and go to "Network"
  3. Here, click "Search Active Directory" and look for your organ. Prepend your query with "Organ - "; for example the CBC can be found as "Organ - CBC".
  4. Double click the correct organ and update the membership accordingly

Updating the chair of an organ (board, CBC)

The board or the CBC is able to update the chair of an organ. For this, perform the following steps:

  1. Connect to using remote desktop
  2. Open the "Active Directory Users and Computers" module
  3. Open the organizational unit "Organs" and look for the correct organ
  4. Double click the organ you want to modify
  5. Use the "Managed by" tab to change the chair. If you want the chair to be able to update the members, make sure to check the box "Manager can update membership list"

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