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What file hosting does GEWIS offer?
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This article contains the necessary steps to connect to the fileserver when you are not on the TU/e network or are not on a GEWIS computer.

In 2021, GEWIS has two fileservers. Please determine first what fileserver you want to connect to.

 Old fileserverNew fileserver

committee account
board account
CBC account
special account

Storesnon-moved homesHomes - Personal folders
Datas - Shared folders

¹ In the transition phase, the board can use their board account to open the shares of committees on the new server.

On the new fileserver, all users get their personal home folder. In this folder, a user can store 1GB of their own data. It is strongly discouraged to alter the permissions of files/folders in this directory. In the personal folder, one can store Documents, Pictures, Music and all default Windows folders are subfolders in home. A user's home folder also contains AppData: a folder containing settings for a lot of different software program, such as your browser preferences. On GEWIS computers, a users home is mounted to drive H. 

Next to the personal home folder, a user may also have access to one or more shared folders. These are stored in /shares and can serve different purposes. For example, a member of the financial audit committee may have access to a shared folder containing the association's accounts. However, usually a share is created for a single organ. All members of the organ can then access such a folder. On GEWIS computers, shares can be found mounted to drive S.

Accessing the files

On GEWIS computers, network file locations are automatically mounted based on permissions. However, sometimes you may also want to open your files on a non-GEWIS computer.

Various ways to access files exist. Please refer to the article that is applicable depending on your need.

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