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How do I access files using SFTP?
Last Updated 3 years ago

The GEWIS file servers have support for SFTP. This article contains how to transfer files over a secure SSH connection.

Please note that GEWIS has two fileservers. Please check this page to see the difference.

I only need the settings

 Old fileserverNew fileserver
Allows shell


Login typeUsername + passwordUsername + password

Max. number of connections


¹Unless you have a very good reason why, shell access is not enabled. The file server is a Windows server that is used to host files. It shall not be used to run applications or other scripts.

Connect using FileZilla (recommended)

FileZilla is an open source SFTP client. It can be downloaded for Windows, macOs and a lot of Linux distributions here. FileZilla is the SFTP client supported by the CBC. Reasons for this include its portability as well as its friendly interface.

  1. To connect to the GEWIS file server for the first time, simply open the FileZilla Site Manager (CTRL+S/CMD+S)
  2. Create a new site, select SFTP, enter the hostname and a username.
  3. Use the Connect button to connect
  4. Enter your password in the popup that is shown. Optionally, allow FileZilla to remember your password until it is closed. It is not recommended to store your account password in FileZilla (and on GEWIS computers, domain policy prohibits you from doing this).
  5. Now, on the left side of the FileZilla application you can see your local files. On the right side, you can see the remote server's files.
  6. For a quick start on how to use FileZilla, refer to this guide

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