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[Workstations//Servers] Will all services be available during the migration?
Last Updated 4 years ago

During the migration you will still be able to sign in to the PCs.

However, not all PCs and services may be available at all times:
  • PC9 and PC01 have software that can be used to connect to the servers in the IT lab. Those will be needed frequently by the CBC during the last weeks of December
  • We do not have enough spare capacity on the servers to keep al services running when we are upgrading one. Therefore, the following services will be interrupted for some time (2 or 3 days) when their host is being upgraded:
    • Software Center (SCCM) - For installing new software and software updates
    • Windows Update (WSUS) - For installing Windows Updates
    • Multivers host - Used for Multivers
    • GEWISSECURITY - Used to replay camera footage
    • GEWISDC03 - One of the domain controllers of GEWIS. GEWISDC02 will remain online
  • We have CPUs from multiple manufacturers and hence we cannot move all services without downtime. Therefore the following services will be offline (twice) for a small period of time (needed to move them between servers):
  • PC5, PC6, PC7 and PC8 will be replaced in the first weeks of January. Than they will not be available for some time.
  • In the first weeks of January, one of the printers will be moved to another server, so we can take down GEWISDC02. One printer will be down for a few hours as a consequence
  • In the first weeks of January, GEWISDC02 will be moved to another host. The other printer will be down for a few days.

For the mail and webhosting a separate page has been made.

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