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Will I keep my email alias?
Last Updated 2 years ago

In short: yes, but..

if your alias is currently forwarding to a non-existing email address (i.e. we get bounces), it will be removed.

Also, all email addresses will stop working. Since they have only worked for senders inside the TU/e network for the past year, we do not expect any impact for this.

We currently have some 4000 email aliases of which a lot only forward to for example email addresses. These have been created somewhere starting 2001 and have never been kept up to date.
Starting Friday December 4, we will check all email addresses for validity. If at that point in time you are not able to receive email, we will remove your alias (we will keep records of removed aliases).

New aliases will be awarded for a fixed term, generally 2 years, and will be renewed upon request. You will receive a reminder 90 days before expiry about this. Unless there are technical needs not to, renewals and updates will always be granted if requested by the current owner.

Please note that, for security reasons, we will only reinstate email aliases if you can show us that you have owned the destination email address or if it is clear that the alias belonged to you. This means that you will only get back if you can show us that you have owned or if you are Harry Potter.

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