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Will my email stop working?
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In short: no, but ...

it may stop working if you are doing some non-standard things.

Current situation

We support a lot of weird configurations. Why do we even have POP enabled on this port with a very high number? Nobody knows.
Also, a lot of people are using the hostname "" to connect to IMAP and SMTP.

New situation ( email accounts)

The mail server runs on a separate host from the GEWIS website. Hence, "" is no longer pointing towards the mail sever and all applications that use this hostname no longer work.

If you had an account that could only be used to send and receive email, you will get a new (username and) password. Please check your mail. If you used the same credentials to sign in to windows, you can still use those.

Forwarding emails
If you previously forwarded your mail using a .forward or .mailfilter, this forward has been migrated and can now be managed in SOGo.


The webmail will remain available on as is currently the case. The default webmail interface will become SOGo that better supports the global address list and calendar interface.

Exchange Activesync (also supports calendar + contacts)
If your device supports it, Exchange Activesync is highly recommended. This is for example the case in the Outlook app for Android and iOS. You can use the configuration below.
Username [username]
Password [password]

An IMAP server (compliant with IMAP4rev1) will be available on Unsecure IMAP on port 143 will no longer be available outside the Department of M&CS ( and only if enabled for your account.
You can use IMAP with STARTTLS on port 143 or IMAP with implicit SSL on 993.

IMAP with STARTTLS IMAP with SSL Old server
Port 143 993 143
Encryption type STARTTLS SSL None
Username [username] [username] [username]
Password [password] [password] [password]
Folder separator /

This will no longer work and unless there is a real good reason, we won't enable it.

SMTP with STARTTLS will be available on SMTP with implicit SSL will be available on 465. Unauthenticated send is disabled for all hosts (either with STARTTLS or without) and will only be enabled if your host is specifically whitelisted and only if there is a real need to do so. Authenticated sends will also only be available for the user you are signing in with, or if it is a service account, for the addresses associated with that account.

Old server
Port 587 465 25
Encryption type STARTTLS SSL/TLS None
Username [username] [username] [username]
Password [password] [password] [password]

Incoming mail
Port 25 will be used for incoming mail and will only be available from mail servers managed by the CBC or by IMS-Exchange management. It is no longer possible to relay mail through if you are not whitelisted.

Outgoing mail
Outgoing mail will no longer be routed through Surf, but instead it will be sent directly from the TU/e edge servers. We are not listing any IPs here, because an actual overview will always be available by doing a lookup of the current SPF record. You should not whitelist these servers, but instead implement proper SPF checks on your server.
For mails from non-GEWIS domains that we forward (because it was delivered to an address), a header is added to let you know that this is a forwarded message. SPF checks will generally fail.

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