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How do I use LDAPS?
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(If you are not CBC, you probably don't need any of this information, but it has been included for completeness)

GEWIS has two servers that support LDAPs. To be able to use LDAPs, you need an account to verify credentials. DO NOT USE PERSONAL ACCOUNTS TO BIND TO THE SERVER.

Please also note that for security reasons, LDAP connections 

Please use the following details for connecting:

 LDAP with STARTTLSLDAP with SSL (LDAPS)Unsecure LDAP (no longer supported)
Encryption typeSTARTTLSImplicit SSLNone

Bind user /
Reader DN

CN=[username],CN=Service accounts,DC=gewiswg,DC=gewis,DC=nlNone
Bind password[password]N/A
Search attribute username /
username attribute
(Search) Base DNLookup all users: DC=gewiswg,DC=gewis,DC=nl
Classic accounts: CN=Users,DC=gewiswg,DC=gewis,DC=nl
Member accounts: CN=Member accounts,DC=gewiswg,DC=gewis,DC=nl
(Search) Base DN groupsLookup all users: DC=gewiswg,DC=gewis,DC=nl
Classic accounts: CN=Users,DC=gewiswg,DC=gewis,DC=nl
Member accounts: CN=Groups,DC=gewiswg,DC=gewis,DC=nl

CA certificate

Let's Encrypt is used, which should be trusted. For now, we are using RSA2048
+ certificate is attached (R3+X1)

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