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I want this amazing new thing; when can you implement it?
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As you may know, the main GEWIS server currently is a little outdated. A lot of things need to be updated or changed. To prevent issues in the future, it was decided that the server would be split into more smaller services, making sure that it would be more robust and more maintainable in the future.

As you can imagine, migrating all services from the GEWIS server to a lot of smaller servers is complicated. Hence, during the last 6 weeks of 2020 and the first two weeks of 2021, the CBC will focus completely on the migration of the main GEWIS servers.

Consequently, the CBC will have less time to handle all support requests from members. Moreover, sometimes it may be technically impossible to handle your requests or it will involve a lot more work (updating migration plans, lots of manual work). Therefore we'd like to ask you to hold on to your tickets for the time being. Only emergency requests will be dealt with.

Examples of tickets that will be postponed till the end of January:

  • Could you install this new video player on the GEWIS PCs?
    Creating application deployments for all PCs costs a lot of time, so we don't want to spend time on this for non-urgent requests
  • Could you setup a new website for my organ?
    We are moving all old websites from shared hosting to a new hosting platform
  • I am receiving a lot of spam; could you tweak the spam filter
    We are installing a new mail server. There we will have a new spam filter anywat
  • Could you create a new mailing list?
    We are moving all mailing lists. Creating new lists on both servers involves a lot of manual work
  • Could you create this non-serious alias?
    We are moving all the aliases to a new server. We don't want to do a lot of manual work for new aliases
  • Could you tweak the permissions for the file server?
    We are installing a new file server, so we will not update the old one
  • The PHP version of the server is too old; could you upgrade it? Can you install this new library?
    We are installing a new web server, so we won't update the old one
  • Thunderbird hates the mail server; can you do something about it?
    We are installing a new mail server, so we won't update the old one
  • Can you update X setting in Windows?
    Creating and testing group policies generally costs a lot of time, so we prefer not to spend this time at this point in time.
Examples of tickets that will be dealt with, when it is indicated that it is urgent:
  • My AD password no longer works
    If your password no longer works, we can reset it for you, if you create a ticket containing all necessary information (for an organ, please let the chairman send an email)
  • All GEWIS PCs are broken
    That involves so much people that we can look into it
  • My quota needs to be increased, because else I am no longer able to receive incoming mail
    If you have a valid reason for increasing your quota, we can look into it.

If you have any requests for changes that definitely need to be performed before the end of January, and you are not yet involved in the migration traject, please send an email to Sunday November 22nd at the latest. After that, migration steps may have been finalized and it might no longer be possible to do this without a lot of extra work.

Organs and members of GEWIS that need to do something, for example for the migration of the mail server, will be contacted by the CBC However, are you running things on the GEWIS server that we are not aware of, or do you think we might forget about migrating that tiny complex custom thing, please contact us.

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