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Shared-Hosting Web Server (
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The CBC hosts a shared webserver for all committees and for GEWIS members that need to preform web-based tasks for GEWIS.

On this server, basic HTTPS-enabled sites are available with a choice from two maintained PHP versions (currently 7.4 and 8.0). MySQL databases are also available. We expect most users to have all they need on this server. If not, you can also deploy a Docker container on the Docker Service (FAQ not available yet).

To use the shared webserver, you should get an account from the CBC. You can open an support ticket requesting one. After you have an account, you can use the management URL to login. You can then use the following services to manage your website:

Management URL

Go to and login with the username and password you got for your account from the CBC. These may be different than your AD/computer-login. If you forgot your password, contact us. We currently have no self-reset option.

Upload files through the web UI or SFTP

While FTP is not available for security reasons, SFTP is. You can use Filezilla, WinSCP or Cyberduck (Mac), or any SFTP/SCP client that you wish with the hostname, or your website 22. You can use the same login credentials as for the management URL.

Configure settings for your website

You can configure settings through the Management URL. More guides will become available later for explanation of certain tasks.

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